Septic tank maintenance

How to get rid of septic tank bio-mat buildup

You have always been known as a person who sees to it that an investment was something worth every penny. It was your mantra to double check everything before making the final purchase. Since you were young, even when you bought something from your allowance, you checked the item out several times first before returning to pay for it and taking it home. You have incorporated this trait until you were able to purchase your own property. It was a large investment so you made sure that you visited it three times a month until you finally decided to make the buy. You made your real estate agent very happy when you finally signed the documents and the title. It even came to a point when he thought that you would never buy the property. But you did. How to get rid of septic tank bio-mat buildup was a question for a septic professional.  

Almost immediately, the construction team got to work in materializing your dream home. It was a design that you have made with your architect friend. You spent months working on it and even had your fiancé accompany you in choosing the right furniture to go with your new home’s theme. It was a contemporary Bali inspired home that you and your fiancé both dreamed of since you got back from your vacation there the year before. Of course, the construction took some time but when the house was finished, you could never hide your happiness and pride. The yard was the final thing to work on and this involved the septic system. It was the dirtiest part of having a house done but you had to see to everything that was done so that you may have the necessary information for any emergency.

The landscape architect gave way to the septic expert first, who immediately installed the septic system. It was a conventional septic system but still, it needed the recommended maintenance and care. Part of the treatment and care of your new septic system knew how to get rid of the septic tank bio-mat buildup. Since your septic system was new, you didn’t have bio-mat accumulation to worry about yet but it would be of great help to know how to get rid of septic tank bio-mat buildup before it was too late:

  1. Shocking the septic system with non-pathogenic bacteria so that every nook and cranny of your system will be reached by the good bacteria. This will significantly lower the population and the thickness of the bio-mat and even repair the damages brought about by the harsh antibacterial soaps or detergents used by your household.
  2. Using water wisely to lessen the water load of your septic system. This lessens the water load of your septic system. This doesn’t stir up the solid wastes inside the septic tank that could pour into the drain field and further thicken the bio-mat.
  3. Proper use of toilets, drains, and sinks by not dumping non-biodegradable materials into them.
  4. Making sure that you keep the treatment and maintenance schedules that your septic expert recommended. This will prevent bio-mat buildup and eliminate the present bio-mat buildup that your system may have presently.
  5. Replacing the entire septic system. This involves digging up the septic tank and the drain field as well. As a last resort, septic system replacement if the most expensive method of removing any trace of bio-mat.

Of course, it only seemed proper for you to see to it that bio-mat that obstructive would not have any place in your septic system. Your home was to be your lifelong investment with your fiancé. A month after your dream home was built, you finally got married. Your home was to be your nest. As the man of the house, you didn’t want your wife and future children to worry about things like septic system crises at all. You’re double checking habit definitely paid off big time when you discovered how to get rid of septic tank bio-mat buildup in your septic system.

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