Septic tank maintenance

How to clean a cesspit?

How to clean a cesspit is a question that many homeowners would like to know. By the end of the week, you were determined to sit back and relax. It was a very taxing work week for you. All those cesspits from various areas of the state made you so worked out that you looked forward to doing absolutely nothing when the weekend came. When you got home, your youngest daughter came running to you. It was one of the best things that a hard working father could ever get from his child. Your daughter has always been very curious about so many things but she never asked anything about your work until that day.

Dinner was already served. Your wife made beef lasagna and garlic bread with creamy garlic dip. It was your favorite. After eating, your daughter followed you on the porch and sat beside you while you had your night cap. She asked what your work was all about and you said that you clean cesspits for a living. She looked at you with a bewildered look and asked how you did your job. It was the very first time that someone asked you that. You were never invited for career days in schools so you really had to hold your breath for a while and think of how you would be able to deliver your message to such a young child. You looked at her and told her that things were very complicated to explain but you would try to tell them as simple as you could possibly could. Below is a brief look into how to clean a cesspit.

  1. First thing to be done is to find where the cesspit’s opening is. It has to be found even if it has to be dug up.
  2. Next thing is to remove the lid of the cesspit’s opening. A metal bar or a brow bar can be used in the process.
  3. Before you start cleaning the cesspit, you have to wear proper safety attire like gloves, goggles or face shield, and extra layer of clothes.
  4. You have to get the filter from the filter unit.
  5. You should hose down the filter away from you until all of the waste is gone. You wouldn’t want to end up with all the waste in you.
  6. Place the filter back where it should be.
  7. Then the special enclosed truck of the septic professional will pump out all the sludge in the cesspit.
  8. The tank will then be hosed down until clinging sludge is removed from it. The dirty water will also be pumped out by the septic expert.
  9. The septic professional will then add in bacteria-friendly additives into the cesspit. This will help the bacteria to be better at breaking down the solid waste materials and also to help them have a balanced population. Such products can be poured into the cesspit or even into the toilet.
  10. The cesspit’s lid is then returned.
  11. The septic expert will then give the authorities a report that the cesspit was already cleaned.
  12. If the septic expert has a disposal certificate, he is permitted to dispose of the sludge in the proper area.

Your daughter scratched her head at what you just told her but more or less, she had the idea of what you just told her and she thought to herself about how to clean a cesspit. You added that even if the cesspits were already cleaned up, the homeowners should still do things that would make their cesspit last much longer. They should make sure that they do not dump grease, strong chemicals, non-biodegradable materials, and oils into their toilets and sinks; that they install a dry well to help ease the cesspit’s water load; that rainwater will not go over the cesspit; they should not let any form of construction and any type of vehicle over the cesspit; that they switch to bacteria- and environment-friendly household cleaning agents; that they follow the maintenance and treatment schedules; and that they do not plant trees near the cesspit area.

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