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Do water softeners harm cesspools?

This article will cover the age old question of do water softeners harm cesspools? Obsessive-compulsive was the usual description given to you by close friends and family. Well, being the first born usually excuses you for being a perfectionist. They said all first born were like that. It all started when you already learned how to play. You always made sure that the toys were arranged in a certain way. When you ate, you didn’t waste anything and finished everything off like any toddler should. When you started going to school, you were always keen on getting your work done and submitting it on time. You were never late in every appointment and when you started working, you made sure that every presentation was flawless and very innovative. It wasn’t a bad trait to be a perfectionist. In your case, you handled it pretty well. When you had your own home, it was spotless. Every utensil and every minute detail was in place. This was basically one of the reasons why your friends thought it very challenging to fins you a woman who could possibly be better than you in the house.

You went on a few dates, mostly to give way to your friends’ requests on meeting women who they think were right for you. After a while, when they finally gave up, you met someone on your own who really stood out because of her brains. She was a laboratory scientist for a local research facility. In a way, she had a little to do with your work on septic systems. Your business was all about designing and improving septic systems and septic system products. Technically, you spoke the same language and this brought you even closer. One day, you proposed to her and just a little over a month, you got married. Everyone was ecstatic because you have finally found the one woman to complete your life.

Since your business was about septic systems, you also dealt with the hard water issues that many homeowners encounter. Hard water really made cleaning very tedious and very time-consuming. There were even homeowners who gave up using their own water and just used a Laundromat for their clothes. They used so much water and soap in cleaning the house as well. It was a problem that your company wanted to find a solution to. You wanted to do something innovative that no other company in your field has thought of before. You wanted a water softening system installed with your septic system designs. This was for areas that had hard water. But because of the very confusing data about water softeners during that time, no one in your board seemed to be convinced that your idea was feasible.

It just so happened that your wife handled things like hard water and water softeners in her company. So, you invited her to explain what water softeners really did to septic systems like cesspools. Before the entire board, your wife presented her facts and tried to explain the age old question of do water softeners harm cesspools?

1) The salt discharges that contained minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium do not harm cesspools. These minerals aid in the improvement of the percolation of the cesspool’s soil absorption system. The magnesium and calcium elements greatly make the movement of the air and water much better when the effluent gets dispersed into the surrounding soil. When this happens, no clogging takes place.

2) The amount of salt is not enough to combine with the clay in the surrounding soil to harden and clog it. It isn’t even enough to affect or kill off the residing bacteria that decomposed the solid waste particles. The salt discharge only occurs 2-3 times every week.

3) Water softeners do not only benefit the cesspool but also benefits the pockets of the homeowners. When the hard water is turned soft, water and soap consumption is decreased. The water load of the cesspool is lessened as well. When the water load in the cesspool is not that heavy, the bacteria have enough time to degrade the solid waste particles.

Because of your wife’s presentation, the new production line that you want was set into motion. You definitely owe it to your wife and your brilliant perfectionism for such a success to be brought about. Your wife did an excellent job of answering that age old question of do water softeners harm cesspools? You were very proud of her.

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