Septic tank maintenance

How to get rid of cesspit bio-mat buildup?

Two weeks to go and your daughter’s engagement party are going to take place. She didn’t want it in a hotel or in a resort. She didn’t even consider holding it in her fiancés home. Your daughter wanted to have her engagement party in the house where she grew up. They said brides tend to be sentimental and it was true. You were surprised at her choice of venue because you thought that she would want a place that was more spacious and more glamorous because she was an interior designer after all. Your wife has been nagging you to take care of the yard and make sure that nothing unexpected would ruin the occasion. Everything was like a roller coaster ride for you. It has been years since you entertained in your home and you weren’t sure if you could still be the same host. Just then, your daughter entered the front door and asked how things were. You just gave her a reassuring smile and promised her that everything would be all right. Your main concern was how to get rid of cesspit bio-mat build up in our septic system.

After a hearty lunch of roast chicken, mashed peas, and mushroom soup, you went out to look at your yard again. It seemed fine. It looked as flawless as ever. The fruit and flowering trees framed the property beautifully. The grass was green but in the area of your cesspit, there seemed to be a shadow over the grass. When you checked a bit closer, the grass was dark green and soggy. You knew that this was trouble. Immediately, you called your septic expert and reported what happened. He said that he would come over as soon as he could. After a few minutes of assessment, the septic expert told you that there was a buildup of cesspit bio-mat. He brought the treatment log and found out that you didn’t adhere to the schedules. You admitted to this because of the fact that you became so busy with so many projects at work.

The septic expert checked the sinks, toilets, and drains first before he eliminated the bio-mat. He lectured you on how to get rid of the cesspit bio-mat effectively. Of course, you had no choice but to listen. Your wife was going to bite your head off if you didn’t.

  1. The cesspit system could be shocked with a treatment of non-pathogenic bacteria. This would allow the resident bacteria to be more effective and aggressive in breaking down the solid waste materials. As a result, the population of the bio-mat would be decreased because of this treatment. It would even correct the damages brought about by the antibacterial detergents and cleaning agents that you used.
  2. The water load of the cesspit should be lessened. This could be done by installing a dry well beside your cesspit. If the water load increases, then the solid waste materials would be stirred up and be dispersed into the surrounding soil absorption system.
  3. You should properly use your sinks, drains, and toilets. Do not treat them as trash bins where you dump non-biodegradable materials.
  4. Keep the maintenance and treatments schedules recommended. This does a lot to prevent further bio-mat build up.
  5. The last resort that is considered the most expensive one is replacing your cesspit. Here, the cesspit and the surrounding soil must be dug up.

It was a good thing that you were able to spot the problem or your wife and daughter would go ballistic. The smell from the soggy grass was pretty foul. There was only little backup in the house and no one noticed the smell because of the cooking done. You were just glad that the cesspit bio-mat was already cleared. So now you know how to get rid of cesspit bio-mat build. Your daughter was to have the best moment of her life in your house. It was definitely one of the best engagement presents that you could ever give her. You were a bit sad that your little girl was to get married already but you love your daughter and this was your way of making sure that her happiness started with you.

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