Septic tank maintenance

Septic system restoration products

There may have been one dreaded episode in your life as a homeowner wherein you have decided to inspect your septic system drain field and discover that the tank is full and practically at exploding point with wastewater. Maybe you became so alarmed that you immediately called the experts to have them assess and inspect what could be possibly done to remedy what just happened to your septic system.

After five meetings with five different septic professionals, you were just upset and disgusted with the prospect of having to replace the septic system and drain field. This thought just flashed roughly a total of $23,000.00 in your head for the replacement. This included the removal of the tree over your drain field, demolition of the partial driveway over your drain field, and the restoration of your landscape after a new septic system and drain field was to be installed. This can be classified as a financial nightmare even for a homeowner such as yourself. Most do spend even more than this much money when it comes to their septic system mainly because they were not well oriented with the proper care of their septic system. Some of them may have been told that their system didn’t need any maintenance at all. There may have been practices of just placing yeast or dead chickens in the septic tank to increase beneficial bacterial count so that the entire septic system will last for the longest time.

As you know, the septic system typically is comprised of both a biological and a mechanical system. Biological septic systems can easily be affected by the overloaded by a lack of maintenance, the usage of various chemicals such as anti-bacterial soaps, bleach, paint, and dumping of non-biodegradable wastes such as cigarette butts and diapers can also reduce the effectiveness of a septic systems ability to digest solid waste generated by a home. The mechanical aspect of a septic system is comprised of the materials such as PVC, asphaltic pipe, concrete, cast iron, and fired clay.

You should be very aware that septic systems and drain field problems and what could happen at the least expected moment. Most of the time, a failed septic system could result in personal and financial strains. Septic system and drain field restoration experts that you call for help may not even have an idea of what your septic system really needs but they will still try and sell their services to you. To prevent a large hole in your pocket, why not search online for the septic restoration products that are very effective in getting back your septic system into the groove. These products help you restore your septic system without having to excavate your yard or replace it. One of them is by Aero Stream that involves aeration or aerobic bio-remediation. Septic system restoration digests the bio-mat converting it into water and carbon dioxide. This results to the clearing of the restoration of the septic system and a rejuvenated drain field. It is filled with even more aerobic bacteria that eat whatever bio-mat is left. Compared to the total replacement of your system, beneficial bacteria used as a restoration is about ninety three percent cheaper compared to the cost of replacing a septic system.

There are myriads of septic restoration products on the market today, take a few minutes to research them out. This way, you can be sure that your septic system will be up and about in time without you, spending money that is supposed to be for your child’s education or the family’s medical insurance.

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