Septic tank maintenance

Costs to Replace a Sand Mound

Sometimes you just can’t help it. Trouble brews in paradise. There are days when you think you have it all together. Then suddenly, out of the blue, your dog comes in, smelly and wet from walking on the yard. Your daughter comes to you complaining about the gross dark water coming from the toilet, sinks, and drains. The house suddenly smells like sewer. When those days come to your life, you have no choice but to pick up the phone and call your septic expert. You and your local septic professional can better discuss sand mound repair cost and the possibility of replacing the sand mound.

Years back, you had been surprised by the fact that you actually had a sand mound system. You were surprised because of the soil’s poor percolation rate and high water table. It wasn’t a system that you were prepared for but it certainly worked. You just had to give several explanations to your daughter every time she asked you why you’re septic were above the ground cluttering up the yard.

Sand mound repair costs were never part of the budget. Your daughter just started school and your cat just had her first litter. When your septic expert arrived, he made a thorough inspection of the property and said that there were some minor sand mound repairs that had to be done. Sand mound malfunction could be caused by a lot of things –

Grease and non-biodegradable materials that cannot be broken down by resident bacteria. Corrosive chemicals and antibacterial solutions that kill bacteria and destroy the structural parts of the system. Hardwood plants over and around the sand mound. Not pumping the tank regularly. Too much water load from the dishwasher and the washing machine. High water load brought in by heavy rains because the rain gutter drains it over the sand mound. Vehicles and structures over the sand mound that cause soil compaction. This crushes the sand mound components. Deteriorated construction fabric, resulted to the sand mound’s freezing over during winter. You were guilty of using many of the products known to disrupt the natural bacterial count. You just didn’t have the time to think about your sand mound and the potential cost associated with sand mound repairs. Your septic expert gave you the sand mound repair costs list wherein estimations of some of the required repairs are indicated –

shut-off valve installations –  between 25  and  50 USD
drain field repairs –  between 1,200  and  2,500 USD
extra sand mound system –  between 8,000  and 15,000 USD
replacement of main waste pipe –  between 25  and  75 USD
replacement with copper supply pipes –  between 10  and  15 USD
sand mound tank replacement –  between 1,800  and  2,500 USD
supply piping insulations –  between 1  and  3 USD
replacement – outside hose bib –  –  between 75  and  150 USD
replacement  – supply pipes –  –  between 5  and  10 USD
repairs  – trap or drain –  –  between 75  and  200 USD
pvc replacement of waste pipes –  between 5  and  10 USD
waste pipe replacement  – cast iron –  –  between 10  and  15 USD
repairs  – ordinary leaks –  –  between 75  and  125 USD

The sand mound system is just like any other septic system. It just had to be maintained and cared for with a bit more attention. It can easily incur damage because it’s essentially exposed to the elements and to the rest of the household. If you have pets, they might be attracted by the smells and try to dig out what’s under the sand mound. It’s advisable to have it securely fenced in to make sure that your pets stay away from it.

Pumping out your sand mound is essential. It is the only staple maintenance that you have to do to keep the system flowing. To have a regular schedule for pumping out your system, you have to let the septic expert know about the living situation in your home. In your case, since it’s only and your daughter, you have to pump out your sand mound system every three years. Pumping out a septic system regularly can reduce sand mound repair costs and extent the natural life of your septic system.

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