Septic tank maintenance

Natural raised mound cleaners

With your hands on your waist, you sweep a lingering gaze at your newly constructed lawn. It was just perfect. It mixed well with the raised mound that you had installed. At first, it wasn’t easy to accept the fact that your raised mound septic system was to be above the surface for everyone to see. It was a bit weird to explain to those who would ask what that mound was but thanks to your skilled landscape architect, you will no longer have that lengthy, awkward conversation with guests and neighbors.

Your children didn’t quite like the idea of having a raised mound septic system. It graphically grossed them out to be looking at a raised sand mound septic system in the back yard. But because the landscaping design subtly concealed the mound, they were convinced that the lawn was still a great place to hang out especially with the gazebo feature. The following week, you will be having a birthday barbeque for your youngest son. You told yourself that you had to make sure everything will be the very best that day, especially for your raised mound system. There should be no room for septic smells or raw sewage odors during the party. And you knew that you were going to be a big part of that. As the one who always coordinated with the septic professional in your area, you were the only one who knew a great deal about the care and maintenance of your raised mound. A huge part of this was to make sure that the raised mound was cleaned on schedule.

You were aware that there are existing manufacturers that manipulate homeowners like you into buying cheap raised mound cleaning products that promise you a cancellation of your pumping responsibilities. They tell consumers that when their products are used, backups will no longer be in existence. They promise you that you will have more money for your needs than for the repair or replacement of your raised mound. These were just formulated propagandas to make you purchase the said promising products. If you do try them, all they would result to would be system and environmental chaos. As the homeowner, you still have to stick to the cleaning and pumping out schedule of your raised mound. The sludge accumulates as wastewater continually fills your tank. Your septic professional told you that if you learned to manage your sludge, bacteria, and tank, you would never have a problem with your raised mound. Everything would follow once you do it right at the start.

During pumping out and cleaning, you have established the idea that your raised mound system and the environment would be better off with natural cleaners. This would help you maintain the bacterial population and help conserve the surrounding waters as well. Natural raised mound septic system cleaners concentrate on using non-pathogenic bacteria to increase the efficiency of the already existing bacteria in the tank. It is like having the cavalry arrive to help gain control against the enemies. The solid waste materials would then be degraded a lot faster, making the effluent get dispersed into the sand filter much faster. The bacteria present in the soil absorption system would then do their job of purifying the effluent much better, getting rid of the pathogens that’s detrimental to your household and the surrounding environment.

As the septic professional cleared your raised mound as pumped out and cleaned on schedule using the natural raised mound cleaners, you gave yourself a pat on the back. You were already sure that your son’s barbeque party will be filled with a cloud of delicious barbeque aroma and not septic smells. That afternoon, you and your wife decided to give the yard a test run before the actual party. Your wife made burger patties and marinated vegetables and fruits for a barbeque dinner. When she went out, she gave you your grill master apron as you took over. The kids and your faithful golden retriever sat in anticipation while they entertained themselves with a PS3 game. It will definitely be a barbeque party to remember.

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