Septic tank maintenance

Leach bed chemicals

Since the boom of the “green” campaign, everything just seemed to veer into the environment-friendly methods and products that use all natural ingredients or materials especially in septic tank leach bed treatments. These aim to significantly lessen the damage to the environment brought about by centuries of careless utilization and destruction of natural resources. Years have already passed and significant developments in transportation, health, beauty, and various industries have been made. There are already environment-friendly materials and ingredients that deliver the same wanted effects that bring less destruction to the surroundings and to your health as well.

One such development happened to the septic industry. It really made a huge difference for an industry based on wastewater to have treatments and additives that bring less harm to the environment and to your health. These days, leach bed chemicals that are organic and inorganic are no longer given that much attention when it comes to the maintenance and care of the septic system. Septic professionals are now more into biological additives and treatments than the usual inorganic and organic ones. Biological leach bed additives and treatments make use of bacteria in improving the performance of the residing bacteria in the septic system. As a result, the solid wastes in the wastewater are broken down much faster.

But it seems that the old habit of using conventional leach bed chemicals is very hard to break. For decades, you have been using inorganic chemicals in cleaning and treating your septic system. You have been a septic professional for years and you didn’t have any problems in using them. The lake beside you house didn’t exhibit any symptoms of being polluted at all. There have been several advertisements that emphasized the use of biological additives as a much safer option for your health and the environment. Although you didn’t see anything wrong with the leach bed chemicals that you used but you thought that it would be much better to use the biological additives. It was a decision that you made just in time because the lake didn’t give you as much fish as before. There were even plants surrounding the lake that already started to disappear. The lake was starting to be affected by the leach bed chemicals that you used.

When it was your leach bed’s schedules treatment, you opted to use the biological additives this time. You studied about the benefits of the non-pathogenic bacteria in the maintenance of the leach field and after administering the treatment, the results were far better. It was even more efficient that the usual leach bed chemicals that you used. It was even much safer for you to handle.

The biological leach bed additives that you used improved the decomposition process in the septic tank and in the leach field as well. In the septic tank, the existing bacteria are reinforced by the additional bacteria. It was like adding more soldiers to the existing war against the solid wastes that enter the septic system. More bacterial soldiers on your side meant that you would be able to purify the wastewater that enters it much faster. This would mean that the effluent would be returned to the surrounding environment in the best, most natural condition that it should have.

After years of using biological additives instead of leach field chemicals, you were able to improve the environmental conditions in the lake. There seemed to be more fishes and much greener banks. Your drains, sinks, and toilets seemed to work much better. It was indeed much better to use the biological additives in treating your leach bed.

You relaxed on your porch after you administered the treatment. It was a proper reward after working on your leach field. When you dozed off, your family arrived from their week’s mother-daughter retreat in another state. You were relieved and happy to finally see them but there was more relief in the thought that you and your family’s health will remain safe for years to come because of your biological treatments.

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