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Article by Dr. Mark Mallory, Utah...

NewTechBio is by far, the best company I have ever dealt with. In all of the dealings I’ve had with NTB, never once was I made to feel as though they were helping because they had to. They made me feel as though they were there because they wanted to be there for any kind of help I might need. I would tell anyone with a septic system to contact the company for information about the care and feeding of that system, even if no problems exist.

Had I known about NTB before my leach-line went south, I probably would not have had any problems in the first place. I cannot emphasize enough, Call these folks !! Email these folks !! if you have any kind of septic system. Their products have saved us from needing to replace our leach-line to the tune of $5000. Thanks NewTechBio- we are customers for life.

Thanks for your fine help with curing our septic.
Dr. Mark Mallory

I wanted to add my experience with a NewTechBio product. We bought some property that had a home and an apartment on the same 3 acres. They both fed into a septic system and leach field that was over 10 years old. We experienced toilet problems from the apartment within a few months of taking up residence. The leach field was quite noticeable as you could readily see distinct lines of green grass that grew much faster than anywhere else on the 3 acres. Not being very knowledgeable with septic systems and leach fields, we promptly started to use standard line cleaning techniques including Drano and other shelf products from the local hardware stores. We had the apartment line snaked numerous times and I did it myself with a rented snake (the line from the apartment to the septic tank is 60')many more times. We had the two tanks pumped twice in just over 2 years. 7 years of problems were starting to demand drastic action. We were at the point of obtaining quotes to install a new system, which would have to be an aerobic type, based on the County's new restrictions. It was quoted at over $10,000.

I found NewTechBio on the internet and called. I explained my problem and was advised to buy the shock system and additional packets. I told the representative I was willing to try one more thing before I went to an aerobic system. Three of our neighbors had had to convert to an aerobic system due to old and clogged leach lines. They hate them and spend lots of time and money maintaining their systems. Anyhow, even though skeptical, I ordered and followed the directions from NewTechBio. It took just over a month and I could see that my drainage had improved and that the distinguishable green grass identifying the the lines wasn't growing as fast.

It's been 3 years now using the NewTechBio product and I haven't had one problem. Yes, sometimes I forget to add a packet in each location each month but the leach line grass lines soon remind me that NewTechBio saved me over $9500 and I take care of it.

Thank you NewTechBio.
Ron Doak
Manvel, TX

Wow, all I can say is wow...

Wow, all I can say is wow, I can't believe that soft spot in the yard went away. We had an area over the laterals that was wet and stinky and obviously a real problem and getting worse. We would have had to tear up the lawn and replace the leech field to solve the problem. You guys assured me that if I used your 5 gallon shock treatment and a monthly packet as directed that it would work as it had for 99% of all your other customers. You said it would take 4-6 weeks, it actually took 7 LOL but I am not in any way complaining. I just must have had a lot of gunk for it to eat through. You were right. The smell is now gone, now that the PH is back to normal we replanted grass and it looks like nothing happened. I can't believe it but it is true. You made a believer out of us. We will of course be using your product from this day forward. Thank you thank you thank you. You guys saved us a ton of money, trouble, worry and mess. I have recommended it to all my friends and as the HOA president in our area have recommended it to all our homeowners.

Bob and Sharon Cropp
Derby, Kansas.

I recommend this product...

I am not one to throw money down the drain. A year ago I had standing water in my leach field. If we slowed down on laundry the water would go down ever so slowly. I bought your product because your sales people were helpful and did not pressure me at all. You have a 100% guarantee and that says a lot about your company. I followed the instructions and 3 month's later the field was dry and no smell. That was 9 month's ago and it's steal dry. I recommend this product.

Stephen C Ference
Woodland, CA

we've gone a half year now without a problem...

Wanted to let you know that we've gone a half year now without a problem in the system. Thank you for the incredible commitment which NewTechBio made to helping us get our system under control. You absolutely stand behind your product and devoted a tremendous amount of time to talking to us, to trying to determine if the specific circumstances of our system were producing unusual behavior, and then stood behind the product itself. Patty and I thank you and will recommend NewTechBio whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Dave and Patti Winter
Southern CA

Cleaned our system right up and we have been using NT-MAX since 2008...

We started using the NT-MAX septic system treatment back in 08' on our clogged up leach field and have been on it ever since. Just ordered some more of the monthly bacteria packs so I am good for another 4 years.

We had severe drainage problems and the NT-MAX cleaned it right up. Our blocked was severe and we were pretty shocked at how well the product reacted with our dilemma. I am happy to share my story if anyone would like to hear my testimonial. Not too many calls though please.

Stephen Larsson - 814-642-7947

Thanks for your amazing support and advice...

Thanks for your amazing support and advice. All we can say is that your products simply work! You saved us over $6,000.00 which we were about to fork out for a new septic drain field. I think it took about 2 weeks to get it to a very comfortable and useable result, but it was more than worth it! You have a customer for life as well as a living commercial for New Tech Bio! Please have anyone call us who needs to hear it from a very satisfied customer!

Be Well,
Carl Dennis
Orlando, FL

I rate this product as highly recommended...

I have been using the bags since July 2007. The septic man said that the tank was very clean and did not need a pump-out this time. I purchased my home in May and wanted to be sure that the septic would not fail since I had this happen at my last place. I rate this product as highly recommended at this time since I have had no problems what so ever while using the bags.

Dawn VanEmburg
Florence, NJ

I have excellent results with the product...

After speaking with you about the field study from July 2007 to current, I have excellent results from the product. I had to excavate my old septic system to diagnosis the failure of the leaching fields. After discovering your impressive and fast-resolving product, and "shocking" of the system, I've had excellent results. My leaching fields are dry and the tank itself isn't leaching water out of the access opening. I applied the product into the tank, and divided doses into the leaching fields. I am so excited to report that within just a week or so the tank was operating perfectly!

I continue to use 1 package every month and have no problems with my septic system. Remember that my excavator quoted me saying, " this appears to be a failure due to heavy calcification in both leaching lines, and we will have to report this failure to the EPA and replace the system". Since then, we have spoken and he has been astonished with the results. I can't thank you enough for the kindness and knowledgeable staff, and especially Brad for all the helpful tips along the way, and the studies performed over the many years with excellent success.

LeeAnne Monro
Columbia, PA

I have the majority of the drain field capacity back...

Wow, NewTechBio has amazing products! I purchased the NT-Max super shock kit from NewTechBio several months ago to open up my septic system drain field after losing most of the capacity over the last seventeen years. I tried everything else on the market that I could find with little results, the contractors around the area quoted me $5000 - $8000 to replace my drain field along with the majority of my back yard would have been torn up to accomplish the new drain field. After doing much research I came across NewTechBio and thought I'd give this product one more try before replacing the drain field and I'm sure happy I did, after several months of using NT-Max super shock I have the majority of the drain field capacity back and I've been able to save myself thousands of dollars because of NewTechBio's amazing products. Thank you NewTechBio!

A very happy and thankful customer,
Z. Zuther
Bismarck, ND

thank you for your very customer-friendly service...

We just want to write and let you know how much we appreciate your help and like your products. We have been on a septic system (our first one) for 10 years. Last winter our hot tub leaked over 300 gallons of water into our leach field. We live in the Rocky Mountains and had a lot of snow all winter and were not aware of the leakage until the snow melted, plus the snow added that much more to the leach field. When Spring finally showed up to stay, we had a serious sewage swamp on top of our property. Needless to say we freaked!. We got on Google and did a search for septic systems and leach fields.

We narrowed the search down to 3 companies and thankfully chose NewTechBio. Dave assured us that their products would help clean up the leach field from all of the hot tub chemicals - guaranteed - and would restore the proper amount of enzymes needed. We had to do 2 NT-MAX Shock treatments before we saw definite results. Dave generously sent us extra samples because of his confidence in their products. When the warm weather was here to stay, the leach field dried up very nicely, and we have had no more problems! We now use our plumbing normally as we did before the accident and are extremely thankful and grateful that we will not need to put in a new septic system because of NewTechBio products. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! for your very excellent products. We also want to say thank you for your very customer-friendly service; you were always very polite and helpful whenever we called. We also appreciate the list of recommended household products you have compiled so septic users know what to buy or not to buy in order to keep our systems in good working order.

We will refer your company to anyone who needs help with their septic systems and give you permission to use our name as a referral for your products and services. We are in the process of selling our house and will be sure to let the new owners know about the NewTechBio folder we have put together so they will know how to take care of this septic system, and that it is the best product on the market. Thanks again. "Success happens when preparation meets opportunity."

Diane & Russell Dicks in Colorado

let folks know how well your product worked for us...

I would like to let folks know how well your product worked for us. Our septic system was in such bad shape that I was skeptical that any product would work. We did exactly as you instructed us to do and followed your directions to the letter. I was totally amazed that after a month the septic system was beginning to come around. Keep in mind that our system is very old and most likely 40/50 yrs old. So you were correct when you told me it would take a little while to start getting back to normal. The smell is completely GONE also the water has subsided and stopped coming out of the top of the tank lid. We are so grateful for your professional help and your product DOES WORK.

All my neighbors love me again because the putrid smell is completely gone! I cannot stress enough how happy we are and how much money you saved us. I will advise folks that if they do not follow your instructions (to the T), they may as well just spend thousands of dollars to have a new system installed. As I said to you on the phone, "you are the septic Doctor and I will do as you suggest so my system wont die". You are a good man for helping us out and your product is simply amazing. Your professionalism is outstanding, your willingness to help is superb and second to none. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

David C.
Woodstock Ct

I saved a lot of money...

The following is a thank you and a testimony of the product that this company is providing to the public. A brief history of my system Installed in 2002 used for 6 years as of now. My system is a 4 bedroom, the largest septic tank you can get and 4 - 50 foot drain lines it was the first time that I have been involved with as I put this home in on bare ground that had been a pasture. I had the Tank pumped and found that both sides of the tank were full . The Man who pumped the tank told me that I would probably have to replace the drain lines as they would probably be full also. At times there were as many as 9 people living in my home as some of grown children had returned home with small children The system was used to the max with a lot of washing machine use and cooking. I failed to get the system pumped until it was too late. It was discovered that I had water coming up from the lines in the front yard.

I went to the local Home Depot hardware store and purchased a system treatment and used it twice in hopes to restore the system but was unsuccessful. In a last effort to save the system, I went to the internet in hopes to find some help. I went to a site named newtechbio.com I made a telephone call to the company and talked to a representative by the name of Brad. We talked for some time about my system and the problems that I was encountering. Brad recommended the products and the method of treatment and He guaranteed that their product would do the job. I was A little skeptic about this because my system was not in good shape. I was ready to try, because to replace my system would have cost me around 4 to 5 thousand dollars. 2 months later I have a system that is working fine plus I saved a lot of money.


You have taken a huge load off our shoulders...

This is Crystal Reuter from Wisconsin we talked several times on the phone. Wanted to say thank you it worked and is continuing to work on our septic. This is such great news for us I have been telling so many people about your product. I have your website in my favorites and will definitely be ordering more in the future. You have taken a huge load off our shoulders. Hope you continue to stay in business. Thank you again

Crystal Reuter

The contractor and their plumber both recommended NewTechBio...

Talked to customer service on 05-06-08 about a shortage on Order ID: 22157. The replacement product arrived three days later. Thanks to Brad for the great customer service. He handled the problem quickly and without delay. He is an asset to the company.

NewTechBio was recommended by a friend who had to have both septic tank and drain field replaced. The contractor and their plumber both recommended NewTechBio as the only product to use. My system is six years old and trouble free, but after browsing your website, I felt your product would be essential for maintaining my system.

Noel Walther, GA

finally found a product that performed as advertised...

I bought your product two years ago for a septic system on a rental property that is almost impossible to get to. The tank had not been pumped since 1982. Well, last month I was doing some excavating and the house was vacant for a few weeks so I decided to check the tank. I had a backhoe unearth the cover and called the pumpers. The pumper tech told me it didn't really need pumping that it was 99% liquid. I told all my associates that I had finally found a product that performed as advertised.....what a joy

Sam Justus
Sevierville, Tennessee

employees that care enough to help...

In July of 2011, we had our septic tank pumped, and found water standing in the mound as a result of a biomat. We were told that we would have to dig our mound up and replace the whole system! That would of cost thousands of dollars. We thought there must be something else we could so. Found NewTechBio on the internet, called and explained our problem to the company. They were exceptionally helpful, that in itself was great. We felt comfortable in ordering the product, as they assured us it would work or our money back. We ordered the NT-Max Super Shock Kit, followed their instructions for 6 weeks. It seemed to be helping, called the company again, and they sent the Drain & Grease Trap Liquid, and in 3 weeks time, our system was working as it should be. We did NOT have to put in a new mound.

We are extremely please and would highly recommend this company, as a matter of fact we have told anyone we talk with about problems with mound systems. We also use their monthly maintenance bacteria packets to help prevent future problems, also use the products from the list of biodegradable products that they also sent to us. Thank you for all the help, understanding and helpful products, and information. Finally a company that has a product that works, employees that care enough to help.

Roger Volk
320 245 2010

I have been recommending this company for the past three years...

In 2009 we had an overflowing septic system. A local company told us that solid waste had gotten into the 40 year old drain field and that it was beyond repair. It would cost $15000.00 to dig a new one.

I found New Tech Bio on the internet and called them. I spoke to Brad. He made some recommendations and sent me the products that I needed. After a couple of months there seemed to be no progress. Brad told me the they would stick with it as long as I would. He assured me that the product would work and I'd have a normal working septic system and drain field.

It took about 14 months for the water level to go down to normal. I had the system pumped in June of 2009. I continued to put packets in the system once every month until I had the system pumped again this month (June 2012). It was the same person that condemned the system in 2009. He was amazed. After three years of use, that tank had only water in it with about two inches of sludge at the bottom.!

I have been recommending this company for the past three years. There are not many companies around who would stick with you for 14 months.

I just ordered my next 48 months of treatments. The bottom line is "THE STUFF REALLY WORKS".

Ron in Oxford, Pa

I was able to talk to real person who sincerely cared about our problem...

I built our family home 16 hrs ago and never had the septic system serviced. Over the last 2 years we experienced increasing problems with slow drainage and eventually sewage backing up in the tubs and shows.

Finally we had the system diagnosed and the outcome was dead leach pits. We had estaminets of over 12 thousand dollars to replace them. After a Internet search I found this great company. I was able to talk to real person who sincerely cared about our problem. What a concept!!

I purchased NT-MAX and with a little elbow grease, this great product and frequent calls to NewTechBio our septic system is flowing like new.

If your having septic problems don't hesitate to call and ask for Rob he was AWESOME !!!

Justin Smith
Peoria Arizona