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Frequently asked questions

  How does NT-MAX work?How does NT-MAX work?How does NT-MAX work?NT-MAX contains specifically formulated strains of beneficial bacteria that thrive on grease, soaps, detergents, food wastes, toilet tissue, and other organics clogging your septic system. Once NT-MAX is applied, trillions of bacteria and enzymes immediately begin eating and digesting all organic matter in your tank, lines, field or pit. Doubling in numbers every twenty minutes, NT-MAX converts the organics that are blocking your system into harmless water and carbon dioxide.

By shocking your system with NT-MAX, trillions of hungry bacteria aggressively bombard and consume all system blocking organics to restore flow and absorption in your leach areas. NT-MAX is resistant to most household chemicals and replenishes diminished bacteria resulting from the use of household products such as soaps, bleach, paints, cleaners and other chemicals.
  Will NT-MAX work on all septic systems?Works on all systemsWorks on all systemsNT-MAX will completely restore drain fields, cesspits, sand mounds, leach fields, leach pits, cesspools, sludge lagoons, spray irrigation systems, infiltrators, aerobic systems, seepage pits, drywells, grey water systems, French drains, grease traps, septic tanks and most all other septic system designs.   What about odors, gurgling and wet spots?Odors, gurgling and wet spotsOdors, gurgling & wet spotsIn weakened or poorly maintenance systems, excessive fatty odorous acids buildup and create gases during organic decomposition. This buildup creates pressure which forces gases and water to leach out, resulting in smells and odors coming from your yard, tank or piping. Low gas and pressure levels are normal in a healthy system but in a failing system, they become an ever growing problem and are a sign that something is wrong. NT-MAX gets to work fast at digesting and breaking down these fats and converting them into harmless water and C02 where they later absorb into the soils in your leach area. Once the acids are digested, the smell and water goes away permanently!   Why are NT-MAX products the right choice?The right choiceThe right choiceAs innovators of drain field, cesspit and sand mount restoration, NewTechBio, Inc. continues to be a dominant leader in septic and sewer restoration worldwide. NT-MAX was voted #1 by our consumers and septic professionals globally and consistently ranks ‘first place’ on all major internet search engines due to our high success rates driving residential and commercial customer demand. Our team consists of some of the world’s foremost scientific and technical remediation experts with over 70 years of manufacturer research and development.

The NT-MAX 100% money back guarantee is iron clad and speaks volumes about the strength of the product and company. NT-MAX comes with unlimited technical support and our highly trained technicians are available 24 hours a day to assist you every step of the way.

NT-MAX products are by far some of the strongest bacteria and enzymes that money can buy. Our bacteria cultures are scientifically selected and lab cultivated to provide maximum breakdown of solids and organics restricting flow in your system.
  Is NT-MAX safe for all systems?Environmentally safe and friendlyEnvironmentally safe and friendlyAbsolutely. NT-MAX is 100% environmentally safe and will not harm people, animals, plants or any type of tank or pipes.   What about technical support?Unlimited technical supportUnlimited technical supportAs part of our customer commitment, NT-MAX includes unlimited technical support should you need any assistance. Our trained technicians are available 24/7 and can be reached via email at service@newtechbio.com or call toll free 800-509-0927.   Can NT-MAX be used in commercial systems?Works in commercial systemsWorks in commercial systemsAlong with residential systems, NT-MAX has excellent success with commercial systems ranging from small restaurants, to large scale facilities and governmental buildings. Since commercial systems vary greatly with treatment methods depending on many factors, we suggest contacting technical support to help determine what treatment might work best for your facility.   How long does it take to work?NT-MAX works fastNT-MAX works fastUpon entering your system through your commode, the bacterial and enzyme reaction will start working against odors instantly and will create a noticeable change in just a number of days. As symptoms alleviate, bacteria and enzymes continue to rapidly multiply to quickly digest sludge, oils, fats, grease, pulp and other organic matter clogging your system. Most systems see a reduction in symptoms within a few days and complete alleviation within 1 to 5 weeks time.   Is NT-MAX safe around people and pets?Is NT-MAX safe around people and pets?Is NT-MAX safe around people and pets?NT-MAX contains 100% natural, non-pathogenic and non-hazardous bacteria and enzymes. Naturally occurring and completely safe around people, pets, plants and the environment.   Is NT-MAX the strongest product available?The power of NT-MAXThe power of NT-MAXNT-MAX digests and degrades blockages, sludge, vegetable matter, protein, fats, oils, grease and bio-mat throughout your entire system while eliminating the need for repetitive and frequent pump-outs. Upon entering your system, NT-MAX quickly multiplies and digests massive anounts of compacted sludge per day while freeing up clogged soil and gravel in your field, pit or mound NT-MAX breaks down and absorbs sludge blockage that restricts your systems overall handling ability.

Our cultivated bacteria strains are of our highest quality and contain the most bacteria per gram counts available in our remediation arsenal. We conclude that NT-MAX highly specified, hand picked bacteria strains are specifically designed to eliminate blockages quicker, stronger and better than all other leading brands.
  Does NT-MAX come with any type of guarantee?Industry leading guaranteeUnconditional leading guaranteeOf course. NewTechBio stands behind our NT-MAX product and guarantees your complete satisfaction. While most system restoration occurs within a few weeks, older and heavily compacted systems may take longer. If for any reason your system is not functioning after treatment to your satisfaction, you will receive a full refund. No hidden charges, no restocking fees, no fine print, no questions asked, period.   What about 'Other' septic additive brands?Industry leading guaranteeBut everyone claims to be “the Best!”?While some additives provide a level of quality, many others are mere marketing ploys designed to lure consumers into purchasing products.

Some websites claim to sell different brands (with most of the products owned by the same company) offering purported “reviews” and their “Best Septic Treatment”. In many cases the reviews are a sham, written by the website owners who use them to try to steer you into purchasing their “top” rated additives.

Some scam artists operate blog type websites where fictitious stories are created to help steer you into purchasing their products, while others use “comparison charts” that appear legitimate but are nothing more than a sham.

Luckily, some of these websites are have been taken down by the FBI while others are being investigated by the FTC for marketing fraud.

Before you make any online purchase, be sure to do a little research on the company you are interested in. Many websites such as Google.com can help you weed out “scam” or “fraud” type websites so that you can make a better purchasing decision.

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