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NT-MAX Restores All Failed Systems

Powerful NT-MAX Super Shock Treatment completely eliminates clogs and sludge buildup in drain fields, cesspits, sand mounds, leach fields, cesspools, lateral lines, infiltrators and more. NT-MAX is safe and effective in all Aerobic and Anaerobic systems and will even restore failed drywell and grey water systems.

From drain fields to cesspools, NT-MAX digests and consumes sludge and bio-blockage faster than most any other product on the market. Trillions of bacteria and enzymes quickly eliminate blockages while rejuvenating compacted soils surrounding your drainage areas.

Restoring a failed septic system begins here.


NT-MAX is of the most trusted brands in septic system restoration containing more sludge digesting bacteria than virtually any other product on the globe. Backed by over 70 years of manufacturer research and development, NT-MAX technology is used throughout the world from residential septic systems to the devastating BP oils spill disaster. NT-MAX consistently ranks #1 by our consumers and is guaranteed to completely restore all failed septic systems.

Treating your system is so easy.

NT-MAX Super Shock Treatment packs more power than any other in-house product and will restore all failed systems when used as directed. Since each system is unique, please review the helpful treatment guide for detailed instructions and application methods. The treatment guide is designed to accurately diagnose your systems condition based on age and current performance.

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Safe for you, your pets and the environment.

NT-MAX super shock formula contains hundreds of trillions of non-pathogenic, non-hazardous bacteria and enzymes per treatment. Within each NT-MAX line, our bacteria strains and enzymes are lab cultivated and scientifically selected to deliver some of the strongest bacteria cultures money can buy. NT-MAX is fully compatible with all septic system designs and is harmless to all septic components.

NT-MAX is 100% safe around people and pets and is an environmentally green product.

Liquids are generally much stronger than powders.

Powders and granular septic treatments are merely ground up bran coated with bacteria that release into your septic liquid instantly after entering your commode. Once there, the bacteria turn into 'liquid' bacteria and the powders (no longer containing bacteria) settle to the bottom of your tank where they decay.


While most powders contain 1 to 5 billion bacteria per gram, NT-MAX liquid contains Trillions of bacteria! Upon entering your commode, NT-MAX passes to your tank and directly out to your drain field where the clogging occurs. While powders (now converted to liquid) also travel to your trouble areas, these granular's simply cannot compete with the volume of bacteria administered by NT-MAX.

Best Product Available

The leach field dried up very nicely, and we have had no more problems! We now use our plumbing normally as we did before.