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NT-MAX Protects All Septic Systems

NT-MAX Maintenance Treatment shields your system against clogs, odors, bio-mat and soil compaction within your drainage areas. Flushable Bio-Packs work to protect all systems including drain fields, cesspits, sand mounds, leach fields, cesspools, lateral lines, infiltrators and more. NT-MAX is safe and effective in all Aerobic and Anaerobic systems and will protect all systems against clogging, smells, wet spots and backups.

Powerful NT-MAX dissolvable Bio-Packs consumes sludge and bio-matter faster than virtually any other product on the market. Packed with trillions of bacteria and enzymes to guard your system against failure. Just 1 packet per month completely eliminates unnecessary frequent pump-outs.

Protect your entire system against failure.


NT-MAX is of the most trusted brands in septic system maintenance containing more sludge digesting bacteria than virtually any other product on the globe. Backed by over 70 years of manufacturer research and development, NT-MAX technology is used throughout the world from residential septic systems to the devastating BP oils spill disaster. NT-MAX consistently ranks #1 by our consumers and is guaranteed to keep your system running smooth while eliminating frequent pump-outs.

Treating your system is so easy.

Simply flush NT-MAX water soluble bio-packs down your commode once per month to keep your system sparkling clean and trouble free. Each potent bio-pack contains in-house superior strains of lab cultivated bacteria designed to eliminate sludge and buildup within your entire system. Maintaining your system with NT-MAX assures that you will never have a drainage issue and can save you tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary replacement costs. If you need help, please review the helpful treatment guide for detailed instructions and application methods.

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Safe for you, your pets and the environment.

NT-MAX septic system maintenance packs contain trillions of non-pathogenic, non-hazardous bacteria and enzymes per treatment. Our bacteria strains are lab cultivated and hand selected to deliver some of the strongest bacteria cultures available anywhere. NT-MAX is fully compatible with all septic system designs and is harmless to all septic components.

NT-MAX is 100% safe around people and pets and in an environmentally green product.

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