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Shopping mall grease trap reduction

This article will cover shopping mall grease trap reduction and the options. The onset of progress and technological developments has brought about many improved facilities and structures that aim to provide comfort and convenience to everyone. In the United States, this is already a regular part of life. In every corner, you will find businesses that aim to give products and services to their clients with as much superlatives that they could give. As much as possible, they have everything in their store so that their clients won’t have to go to another establishment. This business attitude has grown bigger and broader in the form of shopping malls.

Shopping malls are one-stop establishments that have everything that you could possibly want or need. Every floor is lined with stores that cater to every client. There are even pet-friendly shopping malls that allow your pets to stroll around with you. The shopping mall is truly the answer to every busy customer’s prayer. Who would want to drive to another city just to have freshly ground coffee or new tires? No one would spend that much money on gas just to purchase something miles away from his or her home. The shopping mall does have it all including every imaginable form of food that you could think of. And because of the food attraction, there is really a need for shopping mall grease trap reduction.

Every state has a Grease Ordinance that has to be followed by every establishment that produces food. Since a shopping mall has numerous of food establishments, an appropriately sized grease trap is built outside the mall, underground, to accommodate the FOG and solid wastes that they all produce. In shopping mall grease trap reduction, the kitchens of these food establishments are the ones that should make the primary move. They should start a better method of FOG(fats, oils, grease) disposal so that the entire shopping mall could be saved from large fines and environmental lawsuits that concentrate of FOG overflow.

When there is FOG overflow, the untreated wastewater gets laced with FOG. The FOG solidifies in the pipelines and blocks the wastewater flow directed towards the wastewater treatment facility. The wastewater backs up into the shopping mall facilities and onto the surrounding waterways. Health and environmental problems arise and everyone loses. If the kitchens in the shopping mall work together in improving the way they control their solid waste and FOG disposal, there would be less problems or even non-existent problems.

The kitchen staff could improve their disposal methods by manually collecting the FOG and the solid waste particles from food preparation and from used dishes, utensils, and kitchen equipment. They should contain them in sealed vessels and dispose of them with the regular trash. Their sinks should also have food meshes or strainers so that the minute food particles and grease will not enter the grease trap anymore. Reminders should also be posted in kitchen workstations to maintain this regular practice.

In shopping mall grease trap reduction, the management should be vigilant. They could even add more trash bins and distribute them all over the shopping mall with labels like “Grease materials” or “FOG bin” so that even those who frequent the mall will be able to participate in shopping mall grease trap reduction. It could really be a huge campaign throughout the mall or the entire state if everyone participates in the task.

Another effective method in shopping mall grease trap reduction is the use of bacteria. When non-pathogenic bacteria are used to convert FOG and contaminants into less harmful forms, the process is bioremediation. When a selected strain of bacteria is used to consume the contaminants and FOG, the process is bioaugmentation. These bacteria break down the FOG and the solid waste particulates. They also eliminate the bad smells. Most states highly recommend the use of bacteria in shopping mall grease trap reduction. With their help, the shopping mall management doesn’t have to deal with environmental lawsuits or large fines due to FOG overflow.

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