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Septic tank safe laundry detergents

The washing machine, it’s not only a mechanized house chore assistant. It is a dependable life saver for your health. It is a fact that part of your hygiene is wearing clean clothes. If you have fresh clothes that are ready to wear, you’re always raring to go. Your self-esteem is boosted when you have your laundry done on time. With your washing machine, you fulfill this need at a much faster pace always remembering to use septic safe launder detergents in the process.

Of course, laundry detergents have to be placed in your washing machine so that you could get the job done. Aside from the ability of the detergent to effectively remove dirt and stains while leaving a fresh scent, you should also make sure that they are safe for your septic tank and the environment.

When you wash your dirty clothes, grey water is dumped into the septic tank. The grey water is the wastewater from washing your clothes. It is also the term use for the wastewater that comes from the dishwasher. You may already know that your septic tank is your household’s wastewater treatment facility. When you choose septic tank safe laundry detergents, make sure that you pick the liquid form if you have the conventional, gravity-powered system. If you have an aerated septic system, it would be most ideal for you to use powdered septic tank safe laundry detergents to avoid excessive foaming in the aeration chamber.

Aside from being liquid in form, your septic tank safe laundry detergents should not contain (or at least have low amounts of) phosphates and surfactants, and should be biodegradable. Phosphates encourage algal growth. If algae grow too fast and too abundant in the water system to which the phosphates drain to, then there will be a total depletion of dissolved oxygen. Of course, when there is no oxygen, there is no life. The aquatic system is left for dead. Surfactants are the sud-producers and grime-lifters in the laundry detergents. The more surfactants, the more soap suds you have. Another trait that you should look for in your septic tank safe laundry detergents is that it should be concentrated. A concentrated liquid septic tank safe laundry detergent allows you to wash clothes even with just a small amount.

You may find yourself overwhelmed by the various brands of laundry detergents that keep on coming out these days. To help you with your choice, here are some ideal brands of septic tank safe laundry detergents that you may want to try:

1)       Arm & Hammer

2)       Charlie’s Soap Laundry Detergent

3)       Cheer

4)       Earth Friendly Laundry Products

5)       Boraxo

6)       Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds

7)       Equator

8)       Amway S-A-8

9)       Naturally Yours Laundry Detergent

10)   Dash

11)   Country Save Laundry Products

12)   Fresh Start

13)   Bi-O-Kleen Laundry Powder

14)   Oxydol

15)   Ecover Liquid Laundry Wash

16)   Healthy Living Fresh Laundry Concentrate

17)   Ecover Wool Wash Laundry Liquid

18)   Oxy Prime Laundry Detergent

19)   Planet Delicate Laundry Wash

20)   Mrs. Meyers Laundry Detergent

21)   Cal Ben Seafoam Laundry Soap

22)   Ecover Ultra Washing Powder

23)   Planet Ultra Liquid or Powdered Laundry Detergent

24)   Mountain Green Ultra Laundry Liquid

25)   Seventh Generation Laundry Powder

26)   Ultra Citra-Suds Natural Laundry Detergent

27)   Sodasan Soap Washing Powder

28)   Restore Laundry Detergent

29)   Seventh Generation Laundry Liquid

Surfing the web, asking your septic expert, asking your local septic store owner, or conducting your personal survey would help you make your decision in picking out the septic tank safe dishwasher detergents that you want. Maybe you would like to have trials of each product to know which does your system and the environment the most benefits.

It won’t be magic for your septic tank in terms of efficiency when you use septic tank safe laundry detergents. You still have to pump it out regularly and use the system properly as a homeowner should. Never depend on product propaganda and additives to care for your septic tank. Some septic tank safe laundry detergents may be more expensive so look for the brands that fir your budget as well.

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