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Retirement home grease trap problems

This article will cover retirement home grease trap problems. Amazingly, retirement homes have undergone a remarkable transformation through the years. It’s not only providing care and assistance to seniors. It’s all about moving them to another level in their years of retirement. There are myriads of retirement homes that offer so many things for the retirees—excellent amenities, markets, products, services, bookstores, publications, and even jobs. The retirement homes these days are made into retirement communities that cater to every aspect of the retiree’s life. At this stage of human development, the need for self-esteem is a must. Retirees need to feel that they are still needed in a community and these retirement homes provide them with the lives that they want and deserve.

Relocation is part of the retirement home system. The family members or caregivers in charge of the senior’s welfare are the one who should primarily see to it that the retiree is in good hands. There are numerous retirement homes in every state and they could actively participate in choosing the right community for their senior. Most of the retirement homes provide nutrition to their retirees. This means that their kitchens are very in demand. Because their kitchens constantly function, they have been mandated by the government to abide by the grease ordinance. They should do this because FOG (fats, oils, grease) overflow takes place in many retirement homes all over the country. The damages incurred through the FOG crisis target the environment and the retirement home facilities as well.

Grease trap installation is a mandate in the grease ordinance. The retirement home owners should make sure that they have grease traps issued with legal permits. These traps should be well-maintained and inspected as well. If there is regular inspection, then leaks or any form of deterioration could  be immediately repaired. Retirement home grease trap problems come from poorly inspected grease traps. The staff may be too busy to see do this task. Even so, assigned employees should get out of their way to gauge the level of FOG in the grease trap. If there are repairs needed, they could call the grease trap experts at the soonest possible time to make things right.

Retirement home grease trap problems could also ensue because of the additives that are being used for the longest time. There are chemicals and enzymes that promise a lot of improvement to the grease trap’s performance. In reality, these compounds just emulsify the FOG and create another effluent backup eventually. When the FOG emulsifies, it travels easily with the wastewater through the pipes. The FOG then hardens and accumulates until it blocks the wastewater from entering the wastewater treatment facility. Untreated effluent backs up into the retirement home or community and the surrounding areas. The clean water supply is also jeopardized.

To avoid retirement home grease trap problems, bacteria-based additives should be used at all times. Bacteria are living microorganisms that digest the FOG and solid waste materials completely. They leave nothing but an odor-free grease trap that has the potential to last longer than expected. Because bacteria are organic and all-natural, they do not have chemicals to pollute the environment. They are completely safe to use and will not give off toxic fumes at all. Bioremediation uses non-pathogenic bacteria in converting FOG and solid waste materials into less harmful substances. Bio-augmentation uses a selected strain of bacteria to eliminate FOG and other contaminants in the grease trap.

The potential retirement home grease trap problems may result to the contracting of diseases, which the senior community must not experience. Their immune systems are already weak and they are already dealing with their medical conditions. It would really be a terrible scenario if untreated effluent backs up into the retirement homes. Pathogens are opportunistic organisms. They will enter a susceptible host at the right time. Bacteria should be used to treat and maintain the retirement home grease traps if maximum results are desired. There is nothing like a retiring in a sanitary and healthy space without worrying about a thing.

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