Septic tank maintenance

Natural leach field cleaners

There are many things taught to you by your grandmother. She taught you recipes, life lessons, and even strategies to handle money. One of the things she taught was how to take care of your septic system. She said that you should just place a cake of yeast in the septic tank and just leave it alone. According to her, the yeast is one of the best natural leach field cleaners available. A septic system is a self-maintaining system that should be left alone to do its work.

 It was almost time for the scheduled maintenance of your leach field when your grandmother decided to pay you a long visit, which equates to about a month long stay. The day you picked her up at the airport, you decided to save on time and drop by the local septic shop to buy the additives that you need for the upcoming maintenance day. When your grandmother asked where you were, you answered her casually. Her eyes widened at what you were going to buy but instead of fully arguing with you, she decided to go inside with you and see what your modern septic shop had to offer.

The store owner assisted you with your septic supply shopping. Your grandmother just couldn’t hide her skepticism at the numerous additives or cleaners that lined the shelves. You looked at the shop owner with an apologetic look and just told him that you needed some natural leach field cleaners. After a few minutes, your order was prepared and packed. Your grandmother’s eyebrows were raised when you placed the cleaners in the back seat. She said that the septic shop before was a bakery. She just ordered a cake of yeast and that was it. 

There was no point in arguing with her in the car. You just told her that the modern septic tanks required more than a cake of yeast to survive the torture of wastewater. She actually didn’t know how a septic system worked. After you brought in her things, you brought her to the kitchen to have some milk and cookies as you prepared dinner. 

You began by saying that the septic system is the wastewater treatment system of your entire household. All the wastes from your home go to the septic tank and stay there until the effluent goes to the leach field and the solid wastes are separated from the effluent to be degraded by the anaerobic bacteria. With the help of the anaerobic bacteria in the tank degrade the solid wastes and create the sludge layer. Meanwhile, the aerobic bacteria purify the effluent before it is returned to the surrounding environment. 

Your grandmother argues with her yeast practice but you explained that the yeasts only accelerate the accumulation of the sludge layer and contribute greatly to the clogging of the leach field. If the leach field gets clogged heavily, the aerobic bacteria get killed off and don’t get to purify the effluent anymore. The clogging also prevents the soil absorption system to absorb the outgoing wastewater, thus resulting to the backup of sewage into the home or onto the yard. This is why the septic tank has to be pumped out regularly as scheduled and the leach field should be cleaned as scheduled as well. 

Natural leach field cleaners should be used because they contain non-pathogenic bacteria that help accelerate the breakdown of the solid wastes. And because these products are composed of bacteria, they do not have harmful chemicals that could harm the already existing bacterial population, the tank, the components, and the surrounding environment. The bacteria in the septic tank and in the leach field should be well taken care of so that the efficiency of the system can be maintained.

Your grandmother admitted that she didn’t really know how the yeast cakes she dumped into their septic tank before benefited the system. It was just something that her own mother told her to do. As you served up dinner, your grandmother realized that the modern times have benefits and the use of natural leach field cleaners were most beneficial.

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