Septic tank maintenance

How to Locate Your Septic Tank

We all know that a septic tank is a module of the drainage system in a home that is not connected to the normal sewer network usually provided by the authorities. Septic tanks are basically found in rural areas where houses are far apart from each other or as mentioned above do not have a drainage system connect to a main sewer line. It is common for people residing at these locations to install their own private sewerage system in order to live without restraint. A normal septic tank is designed by using non-corrosive material which would not corrode, rust or leak, so that it processes the drainage and not just dumps it in the tank.

When people happen to move into a home which was built earlier they would need to know the whereabouts of the septic tank in their property. This information is very vital for the new owners to know especially in times when the septic tank happens to overflow, provide a foul smell or falls apart. In cases like this people often wonder how to locate their septic tank so that they are able to have it put right in times of emergency. There are many ways in knowing how to locate your septic tank by either looking at the original plans of the property, checking with the housing approving authority or by contacting the local drain cleaning service agency.

 The best and most reliable means of knowing how to locate your septic tank would be in engaging the local drain cleaning agency that would bring in the necessary equipment and rod in sticks or other tools through your main outlet from the house to the sewer processing location.  These drain cleaning agencies are well versed in their jobs, as they are dealing with homes on a daily basis and have the through knowledge of how the sewer septic tank design is established in all homes.

It is common to find the septic tank at a distance around 20 feet from the main house which could be easily identified by a manhole cover which normally sits at the center of the septic tank. These on site drainage system chambers could be found in different shapes like square, rectangle and even round that all depend on the volume it is built to accommodate. When locating the septic tank do not go digging away on the property or else the connecting pipe to the septic tank would get damaged causing a major disaster.

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