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This article will cover food processing plant grease trap cleaner. To maintain a facility’s ideal structure, it has to be cleaned. But the cleaner has to be right for the areas of that particular facility. There are places such as offices and lounges that just need the normal amount of intensive cleansers because they aren’t sterile environments in the sense that people come and go. Other parts of a certain facility may need stronger cleaners because of the required asepsis. Areas like this include the production and quality control and assurance departments. In food processing plants, asepsis is a mandatory practice in almost all areas and departments. This is apparently because of what products are being manufactured—food.

Processed foods need to undergo very strict conditions. The overall safety of the consumers is very much considered when they purchase and consume the food products. These types of food items are pretty much the same as the organic ones. They are only modified more to meet the demands of the consumers.  A perfect example is the typical diabetic. They cannot eat regular ice cream because their blood sugar is going to spike. So there are processed ice cream products that only have natural sweeteners so that diabetic could also enjoy eating ice cream. Hypertensive patients cannot have fried foods all the time because of the cholesterol levels. But because of cholesterol free formulations in canola oils, palm oils, and even corn oils, they could already enjoy fried food even on occasion.

Food processing plants are vital in any society. When they function well, they could really produce quality processed foods that could alleviate the malnutrition problem in the country or anywhere in the world. But because the raw materials in food processing plants come from animals and plants, are rich in FOG (fats, oils, grease), they are included in the biggest contributors to the FOG crisis in the United States. To control the environmental dilemma, the government has passed a grease or pretreatment ordinance that mandates all food processing plants to have grease traps installed in their vicinity to handle the buy products of their processes—the FOG and solid wastes.

According to the pretreatment ordinance, the grease traps should have permits from the City Sewer Department. It should be regularly inspected and maintained. The discharge from the wash area should not exceed the temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit because any higher than this would emulsify or melt the FOG.

To help the food processing plant grease trap, there has to be an effective food processing plant grease trap cleaner. Almost immediately, chemicals and enzymes take the floor because of the fact that the grease trap does need heavy duty cleaning. Certain enzymes and chemicals may be very harsh that’s why they are thought of easily stripping away the FOG and solid wastes. This may be true at first glance but the truth is that these substances just emulsify the FOG. As a result, the FOG easily combines with the wastewater. It flows through the pipes and when it cools down, it accumulates and blocks the normal pathway of the effluent directed towards the wastewater treatment facility. The untreated effluent then backs up into the food processing plant and onto the surrounding environment as well. It’s apparent that chemicals and enzymes only aggravate the FOG crisis instead of putting a stop to it.

Bacterial are the best food processing plant grease trap cleaners that could ever be used. This is because bacteria are organic and naturally-occurring. They do not have chemical discharges to pollute the environment. They even eliminate the disarming smells in the grease trap. In bioaugmentation, a selected strain of bacteria is used to digest the solid wastes and the FOG in the grease trap. In bioremediation, non-pathogenic bacteria are used in converting the FOG and solid wastes into less destructive substances.

If a potent and environmentally safe food processing plant grease trap cleaner is an order, bacteria are the best. Just remember to make use of Mother Nature’s best plumbing tools—the primitive yet reliable bacteria.

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