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Country club grease trap reduction

What would you do if you earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month and have no more charity events to donate your money to? Well, what most people with that much money do is to avail of a country club membership. Living in the city as a rich tycoon or a philanthropist can be very boring, stressful, and tiring. This is why they become exclusive members of these country clubs so that they could relax and enjoy as much as they want without leaving the country. At the very least, they get to mingle with others at their level in society and perhaps welcome those from other circles as well. It is not a secret that many catered events happen in country clubs. They could be fund-raisers, engagement parties, wedding receptions, and other significant events that the exclusive members could think of. Aside from these, there are also bars and restaurants that help satisfy the cravings of those who are willing to pay good money for the food that they want. This is basically what country clubs are about—gatherings and food. But there are certain activities on the side that keep everybody entertained like sports, which are mainly golf and tennis.

Country clubs serve a lot of food at any given day, which is why the FOG (fats, oils, grease) levels in the wastewater that come from their facilities have alarmed the US government and environmentalists as well. The country is currently suffering from the FOG crisis. This is a situation where in FOG overflows into the wastewater and enters the sewage system. There, the FOG lowers its temperature and solidifies in the pipelines. The FOG then adheres to the inner pipe walls and hardens. The cement-like FOG then blocks the flow of the wastewater preventing it from reaching the treatment plant. There should definitely be a country club grease trap reduction scheme. To do this, the country club owners are required through the grease ordinance to install grease traps in their kitchens. The maintenance of the traps is also their responsibility. The schedules grease trap pump outs should be established with eth local grease trap expert. The schedules should be kept so that the FOG levels will not be allowed to increase.

The next important step in country club grease trap reduction is to make us of an efficient additive that could help clean the grease trap without aggravating the FOG situation. There are club owners who keep on using chemicals and enzymes in country club grease trap reduction, only to find out too late that their additives are making things worse. The chemicals and enzymes emulsify the FOG, making it join the effluent much faster. When the FOG enters the sewage system, the events in a regular FOG overflow happen once more. The money that these country club owners have invested in such additives just literally go down the drain.

Bacteria-based additives are the most effective cleaners in country club grease trap reduction. They adapt perfectly in the grease trap environment and proliferate in there. They consume every bit of FOG until the grease trap is odorless and until the FOG levels are extremely low. Regular application of bacteria in the traps will save the country club owners a lot of money that’s supposed to be spent on pump out sessions.

Preventing grease from entering the grease trap is also one way of contributing to country club grease trap reduction. The kitchen personnel could manually scrape off the grease from utensils, cookware, and dishes. They contain the grease in special leak-proof receptacles that could then be sealed upon disposal. The wash sinks that they use should have meshes and filters that could catch the grease materials to keep them from entering the grease trap. These improves grease disposal practices could significantly lower the grease levels in the traps. These and bacteria could finally lead to the alleviation of the FOG crisis in the country.

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