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Apartment complex building grease trap cleaning

This article will talk a little about apartment complex building grease trap cleaning. Living in an apartment complex can be so many things to a lot of people. Some may find it liberating to have an exclusive space and privacy. There may be others who see it as a practical means to live in such a fast-paced way of life. To some, it may be the last resort that they have after a great challenge in their lives. Most people who live in apartment complexes are those who are busy. It is a place of residence that doesn’t take too much time to clean and maintain. Residing in an apartment complex can be so many things to the people who live in it. But managing an apartment complex is a totally different thing.

An apartment complex is made up of many residential units, complete with their own bathrooms and kitchens. These are the most vital parts of the apartment complex. When something goes wrong with them, the manager has to deal with the problem immediately. An even greater problem to deal with concerning the entire apartment complex is the FOG overflow. It’s no secret that the US is experiencing a FOG crisis already. Many institutions, companies, establishments, and facilities are being fined and sued because of the overflow that happens in their premises on a regular basis. One of them is the apartment complex. It can be very difficult to accept that the apartment complex management has to pay hefty amounts for fines and lawyers to get cleared of their problems.

This is a more efficient apartment complex building grease trap cleaning and maintenance. It needs to involve the entire apartment complex population for this to be done efficiently. There may be some who have garbage disposal units attached to their sinks so they just dump everything in there before washing the kitchen equipment, utensils, and dishes. These people assume that their garbage disposals help in lessening the grease and solid wastes that enter the grease trap. The truth is that the grease trap merely disperses the grease and solid wastes. They remain the same in their composition. This is why FOG overflow continues to threaten everyone’s health and the environment.

Before washing the kitchen paraphernalia, all the grease should be scraped off and dumped properly with the rest of the trash in the trash bin. The FOG could just be placed in a bottle, sealed up, and then thrown in with the trash and the solid food particles. This lowers the amount of FOG and solid wastes that enter the grease trap. When the scheduled cleaning of the grease trap takes place, a significantly low amount of grease material and solid wastes are eliminated. This way, the effluent is FOG free as it travels through the sewer lines towards the wastewater treatment facility. Overflow and backing up are avoided too.

But a much more effective means of apartment complex building grease trap cleaning is the use of bioremediation. Cultured, non-pathogenic bacteria are used in this process. The added bacteria into the grease trap quickly digest the solid waste particles and FOG while eliminating the odors that waft through the apartment complex drains and sinks.

The use of bacteria is recommended in many states. They come in various forms that are used according to preference and budget. There are mechanized bacteria pumps that deliver bacteria in doses according to the time intervals that are programmed into them. Liquid bacteria are poured into drains and are just allowed to flow towards the grease trap. Powdered bacteria are the most preferred because they are easy to store and easy to ship anywhere. There are also bacteria blocks that are tied up in the grease trap. They are suspended there until they are completely dissolved. Dissolution time for the blocks depend on their size. Bacteria don’t have any chemical discharges that harm the people and the environment. They are natural and organic. They just do what they are created to do.

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