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This article will cover Sports Arena grease trap treatment. Progress has brought forth so many improvements to man’s existence. Everything almost has a solution now: for acne, acne treatment; for cancer, chemotherapy treatment; for physical injury, physical therapy treatment; for stress, spa treatment; for frizzy hair, hot oil treatment; and for a termite infestation, wood treatment. These are only some of the problems that are already solved by various treatments that man has come up with through the years. Man’s unmistakable thirst for knowledge has led him to the discovery of so many substances and techniques that may or may not produce quick results but could definitely accomplish the task.

Businesses that have large structures, like the Sports Arena, have the habit of making sure that their facilities are always kept in top-top condition. Everything seen and used by the patrons are part of the investment that should be taken care of. If one part of the Sports Arena is neglected, then the entire structure is affected. Because of this, it’s only natural for Sports Arena managements to keep tabs on the small companies that occupy their business space. The grease ordinance created by the US government mandates the Sports Arena to have grease traps installed. Since there are so many food stalls and shops inside the Sports Arena, some managements require the food establishments to have their own grease traps monitored and maintained. This is a collective task that should be able to make Sports Arena grease trap maintenance a lot easier.

The FOG (fats, oils, grease) crisis is getting worse by the minute and Sports Arenas are part of it. The food production within its walls is the main cause of the problem and if they don’t cooperate with the strict implementation of the grease ordinance, they would have to pay hefty fines and face environmental lawsuits because of FOG overflow. When there is FOG overflow, the FOG mixes with the untreated effluent and ends up sticking to the inner pipe walls. Eventually, the FOG completely clogs the sewer lines, making it impossible for the wastewater to reach the treatment plant. The effluent backs up into the Sports Arena facilities and the surrounding environment. Health and sanitation problems arise in the Sports Arena. This affects business a lot. Diseases and infections are acquired. The surrounding water systems also get affected and the aquatic life dies off. The clean water supply also becomes compromised with untreated effluent contaminating it.

If the Sports Arena grease trap is not well maintained, it will cause a lot of problems for the management and for the patrons. Hefty fines and lawsuits would have to be dealt with. To correct the situation, an effective Sports Arena grease trap treatment should be performed. To make this possible, a grease expert should be called. The additives to be used should not be either enzymes or chemicals. These products are just FOG emulsifiers that just mimic the effects of a regular FOG overflow. The Sports Arena management just ends up regretting the amount of money spent on such a wrong decision.

In making sure that the Sports Arena grease trap treatment is done right, bacteria should be used. Bacteria are indeed very primitive but they are very effective in eliminating the solid wastes and FOG in the grease trap. Bioremediation uses non-pathogenic or friendly bacteria in converting the FOG into less detrimental forms. Bioaugmentation makes use of a specific strain of bacteria in getting rid of the grease trap contaminants including FOG.  It may be a hard decision not to be swayed by the exaggerated promises of the chemical or enzyme additive manufacturers but if the Sports Arena management wants to get their money’s worth, bacteria should be purchased.

Pumping out the grease trap is a staple practice that should not be removed from the maintenance routine. The use of bacteria in grease trap maintenance will help lessen the frequency of pump outs but not totally stop it. With bacteria, Sports Arena grease trap treatment will be a breeze to look forward to each time.