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This article will cover the age old question of Office complex grease trap elimination. The environment has long suffered from the continuous development of high technology. Industrialization has produced great amounts of harmful by-products that destroy Mother Nature on land, in the air, and in water. So many lives have been put to harm’s way because of this. As decades go by, man continues to find ways on how to make technology and the environment co-exist without any problems.

In the birth of the office complex,  the environment has suffered greater because of heavy FOG (fats, oils, grease) accumulation. The office complex was made to make the lives of employees easier when it comes to accomplishing work on time. The administrators provide them with everything that they need including access to other offices, which are also found in the same building. Office complexes also make it more convenient for people to get their documents done because the interconnected offices are already found in the same structure. It saves everyone a great deal of effort, money, and time. Because of so many people in one area, the kitchen has to provide fresh meals 24/7. Offices usually function through a shifting system to make their work more efficient. As you know, the kitchen produces the bulk of the FOG that the municipal wastewater system gets. FOG overflow is a huge problem these days and it has to be stopped.

Grease traps are components that are mandatory in large kitchens such as those in an office complex. It is usually installed outside the building, underneath the ground. It collects the FOG and solid wastes even before the effluent joins in with the wastewater that the office complex produces. The kitchen in an office complex needs to have a modified maintenance system. The grease materials and solid wastes should be completely scraped off the equipment, utensils, and dishes before they even get to the wash area. This can be accomplished manually or by installing a filter in the washers. By properly eliminating solid waste materials and FOG, a significant amount of grease is collected in the grease trap.

Another means of office complex grease trap elimination is to make use of friendly, non-pathogenic bacteria. This is the process of bioremediation. Using bacteria to help in eliminating FOG accumulation in office complex grease traps is a very environmentally sound technique. Bacteria are naturally-occurring organisms that have been around since before time was even recorded. They have no chemical components that could possibly harm soil and water systems within the area. These organisms target the FOG and the solid waste materials by aggressively consuming them while eliminating offensive odors that waft through the pipes and drains.

Office complex grease trap elimination should be the primary goal of the office administration if they want to avoid paying huge fines and facing lawsuits. It is very disheartening for every company to adhere to the pumping out schedule of their grease trap and yet pay up to 30,000 USD of penalties because of FOG overflows. There  are set limits to the amount of FOG that gets into the wastewater. But because of that lack of vigilance in monitoring FOG levels, the wastewater lines get all blocked up. Grease materials exit the drains in  a dissolved form. Then they cool down and solidify by the time they get to the grease trap, where they float over the effluent. The heavy solid waste materials sink to the bottom of the trap, allowing the effluent to enter the wastewater pipes.

There are bacteria blocks that just have to be tied and suspended in the grease trap. It dissolves gradually, allowing continuous degradations of the FOG and solid wastes. Liquid bacteria are poured out into the drains and reach the grease trap immediately. Powdered bacteria are often used because they are easy to ship and store in cabinet and shelves. Bacteria pumps deliver bacteria dosages with proper time intervals. Most states encourage the use of bacteria in office complex grease trap elimination. The company chooses the best form of bacteria according to their preference and budget. We hope this article covered the age old question of office complex grease trap elimination.