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What is a Greywater System?

Today with the world looking at complying with the environmental issues people from all over are trying to do their part by basically saving water which is slowly growing to be a costly commodity in years to come. Just as people today are in wars with each other due to oil reserves, days will come when people will be against each other over water resources. We all are well aware that on a daily basis we are disposing of great amounts of waste material that comes out from us utilizing toilets, baths, kitchens, sinks and other factors which lead to waste being accumulated for disposal. We normally call the waste matter coming from toilets and baths as “blackwater” and waste emitting from sinks, washing machines and other similar items as “greywater”.

A greywater system is a process where water from basins, washing machines and similar objects are being recycled as washwater to be utilized for various options like irrigation to possible filtered water for cooking and drinking purposes. It has been found that numerous advantages exists to greywater recycling where it is most beneficial in areas where there is a shortage of water supply. In addition it has created a huge impact in places where people are very much concerned about the usage of water and the influence it creates on the environment.

The greywater system is considered a simple process where it has to do with steering water from washwater equipments like sinks, washing machines and showers to a designated location or storing tank, instead of permitting it to flow into the sewer system. With desired needs for this greywater people could treat the water for the necessary requirements. The basic recycled greywater could be used for watering the plants in the garden and flushing the toilets by undergoing a filtration treatment to remove undesired particles. In addition greywater could be submitted to further treatments whereby it could be accepted and utilized for drinking and cooking purposes.

By installing a greywater system in their premises people have the advantage of saving on their water consumption eventually leading to saying on their water bills. They also would trim down the risk of waste spills along with contamination which are normally occurred when both greywater and blackwater come in contact with each other. Studies have shown that if the greywater is redirected to another source it would ease the strain on septic tanks and the sewage system providing safer and long last life to the sewerage treatment system.